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Joe Michael Kulbago - Signer-Songwriter, Engineer, Producer and overall Madman

USA born and raised in Northeast Ohio, I have always been close to music.  Growing up with 60s Pop Rock, 70s Hard Rock and Country, my heart has been with rock guitar sounds and country heartfelt lyrics.  After a brief stint as a band manager during my high school years, I gave up playing music out of frustration and lack of patience.

It seems I’ve owned a guitar ever since then but lack the inspiration.  Music has always been a part of my life.  However it’s been within the last few years that I’ve become excited about playing again and recording. 

After many years working with computer for major corporations, I have shifted my focus to song writing, creating new and exciting music.  With so many diverse influences from Alice Cooper to The Eagles to Garth Brooks to Phillip Phillips and so on, the music I create spans a great many genres.

Joe Michael Kulbago

ASCAP Member