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Old Testosterone - The Final Cut

Hard Feelings

Joe Kulbago
Author: Joe Kulbago


The song idea came from sitting in an Airport, waiting for a plane after a week away from home. It's about loosing the comfort you get while away from home and at the same time very happy to be going home. After the song was complete, it grew to be so much more. As we loose people in our lives, this song gives hope that not ALL is lost.


It's such a sad feeling When your time has run out Like a cold wind blowin' And you're filled with doubts And each day's a challenge And each night's your hell Oh it shouldn't be this bad But it's just too hard to tell This is only a change to the life I once knew And these hard feelings I know I can get through Tomorrow seems so far away When the sun is at your back It's pushing you to see That these are the facts And I don't want to go Where I know I must be From these hard feelings I know I can be free