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Old Testosterone - The Final Cut

Waitin’ At A Stop Light With No One Around

Joe Kulbago
Author: Joe Kulbago


We all seem to wait until the time is right to say what we are feeling. In reality, there is no time like the present. Don’t wait! Tell that special someone what is truly in your heart now!


I was walkin’ down the street just the other day Thinkin’ about just what would I say If you smiled at me and looked my way There has been many times when I thought I knew The words and emotions I’d want to come through My heart would go wild, with just the thought of you Every time I turn back the fear And I think of you very near I just stop in my tracks, I’m just standing there. It’s like waitin’ at a stop light with no one around Afraid to go through because the rules were set down And I’m angry at myself though I don’t make a sound Waitin’ for that red light to change When looked in the future I thought I’d be A little further down the road you see I can’t get past this, I’m down on my knees You know it’s taken every thing that I can find. To move along in this life of mine. There’s a turn up ahead, I just need a sign.