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Old Testosterone - The Final Cut

What Men Want

Joe Kulbago
Author: Joe Kulbago


So much has been said about Guys not having a clue over the past years. This song gives a Guy's perspective of what men what.


Hot women and fast cars Or is it fast women and hot cars Either way I can only dream So says the Wife, that's how it seems A good job and plenty of cash Lot's of time, I'll there in a flash Tons of toys and a buddy to share Hey I'm just dream'n so why do you care 'm not as young as I once was He's just a dreamer, that's the street buzz Young or old, it's just a jaunt Don't you know that's what men want. A perfect family, one boy and a girl It's a thought, just give it a whirl A day of golf or a night with the guys A hole in one and I'll take home the prize A lovely Wife and a little romance Come on honey let's go for a dance Hey babe we gota a good life I'm so glad we're man and wife